Eric Holter

Mentor to Creative Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Résumé:

Owner, CEO Cuberis

Consultant to Design Firms

Founder of

Ad Agency Studio Manager

Freelance Graphic Designer

Letter-Press Printer

Wood Engraver

Freelance Illustrator

BA in Illustration, RISD '91

I’ve walked the creative path many times. I’ve faced its perils, its frustrations, its agonies, and I’ve enjoyed the fruits of success. I know how hard it is for creatives to adapt to the business realities of running a creative practice. Not only does art school lack business training, but there's something about the artistic mindset that makes it hard to put down the brushes to balance the books, or quit out of Photoshop to start prospecting on Linkedin. But there are critical business disciplines that creatives can't afford to ignore. I can guide you down the path to a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable creative practice.

Take Back Control of Your Creative Practice

Many of the problems creative entrepreneurs face are traceable to a failure to run your practice like a business. As I say on my podcast, “They just don’t teach enough about business in art school.”

I can help you master the business side of creativity, so you can enjoy a profitable and sustainable creative practice.

Together we need to defeat the feast or famine cycle, plug cash flow sinkholes, and put an end to burning the midnight oil.

But we have a dilemma. Accessing and implementing the help you need can be expensive—both in terms of time and money. And if you’re already struggling with profitability problems and time deficits, you don’t have much of either to spare. And so my mentoring program enables you to lay much of the ground work, at your own pace.

Let’s Get Started

Prepare: I would suggest beginning the program by reading my book Blazing the Freelance Trail (available in print, Kindle, and audio), or listening to my podcast 5 Minutes on Creative Entrepreneurship. These resources will help you get a big picture overview of the path ahead. You may also want to run some of the calculators on my resources page and perhaps take a DiSC Classic 2.0 profile.

Step one: Schedule a free initial 30 minute consultation so we can chart a path to get you on the road to creative business mastery. If you do decide to take a DiSC profile, please send me a copy before our call so we can make the most of that time.

Step two: Sign up for my Business Essentials for Creative Entrepreneurs course. $149 get you access to over three hours of detailed “how-to” videos that walk you through all the systems and practices you’ll need to manage your money, control your minutes, and execute your marketing plan. Included in the cost of the course is your second 30 minute coaching call (a value of $99).

Step three: Schedule as many 30 minute follow up mentoring calls as you need (each call costs $99).

What are you waiting for?