I’ve walked the path from creative startup to profitable creative firm—more than once. It’s an exciting journey, but treacherous, with many pit falls, and traps along the way. Have you ever seen the stats on the percentage of new business that fail? Those rather bleak numbers aren’t very encouraging, but those numbers don’t count the less formal independent creative business startups. The stats on those are not recorded, but if I had to guess, creative startups fail at much higher rates. 

The path from freelance to successful firm is one hard trek.

I’ve been an illustrator, a fine press printer and wood engraver, a freelance graphic designer, worked in the advertising agency industry, and I founded a web design firm in 1995 (it’s still thriving—I sold it in 2013). I’ve also been a consultant to artists, designers, and design firms. And today I’m the owner and CEO of Cuberis, a web design boutique that specializes in museum web strategy and design. 

I know the creative path well, I’ve walked it many times. I’ve faced its perils, its frustrations, its agonies, and I’ve enjoyed its fruits and it successes. 

If you’re just starting out, or perhaps you’re about to make the leap from a successful solo freelance practice into forming a partnership, or hiring your first employee, you might want to know what’s likely ahead on your path. Maybe you could use a guide? 

I’d like to help you on your way, so you can avoid some of the hidden pitfalls, and stay on the path without getting lost in the woods.

I’m not in this for the quick consulting fee—I’m offering a valuable professional relationship. I only take on serious mentees, who are looking to forge a long term healthy professional creative practice. If you’d like to form a professional mentor/mentee relationship I’d like to hear about your travels so far, and where you’re hoping to go.