Eric Holter

Mentor to Creative Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Résumé:

Owner, CEO Cuberis

Consultant to Design Firms

Founder of

Ad Agency Studio Manager

Freelance Graphic Designer

Letter-Press Printer

Wood Engraver

Freelance Illustrator

BA in Illustration, RISD '91

About Eric Holter

I’ve walked the creative path many times. I’ve faced its perils, its frustrations, its agonies, and I’ve enjoyed the fruits of success. I know how hard it is for creatives to adapt to the business realities of running a creative practice. Not only does art school lack business training, but there’s something about the artistic mindset that makes it hard to put down the brushes to balance the books, or quit out of Photoshop to start prospecting on Linkedin. But there are critical business disciplines that creatives can’t afford to ignore. I can guide you down the path to a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable creative practice.

I’m part consultant, part mentor, and I’m also a colleague. I’m actively running a creative practice, and so my advice and resources are real world tested, and continually refined.

The product I’ll provide for you is a Better Business Plan for your creative service, along with plenty of detailed how-to videos to make sure you can effectively implement the plan. But I’m also here to help you along the way, personally, when you need some extra help.

Operating a creative practice, especially if it’s a solo freelance practice, can be an isolating experience. Especially when things aren’t going well. So whether you need to review the recommendations in your customized business plan, get some practical assistance with implementation, or advice for how to handle a curve ball that gets thrown your way, I’ll help you keep your creative practice operating professionally and profitably.

“The day Eric took me on as an intern was one of the most important and memorable of my life. That began a 13-year professional relationship. I started as the greenest of greens and ended as a confident, competent, eager, and hopeful business owner. Eric taught me through his wonderful, calm, consistent, and persistent example—giving me enough rope to learn from my mistakes. He’s an exceptional mentor and incredibly generous and caring in his approach to helping others elevate their game.”

“The barrier to entry into this world of creative entrepreneurship is so low that lot of people struggle with the business side of success. It’s such a relief to see a solid source of insight from someone who has walked that path and learned what works and what doesn’t.”

Let me write you a Better Business Plan.

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  • One hour in-depth interview.
  • Analysis of your financials and other business systems.
  • A detailed marketing plan.
  • 30 minute follow up consultation.
  • Access to a library of detailed training videos.
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