Eric Holter

Mentor to Creative Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Résumé:

Owner, CEO Cuberis

Consultant to Design Firms

Founder of

Ad Agency Studio Manager

Freelance Graphic Designer

Letter-Press Printer

Wood Engraver

Freelance Illustrator

BA in Illustration, RISD '91

I’ve walked the creative path many times. I’ve faced its perils, its frustrations, its agonies, and I’ve enjoyed the fruits of success. I know how hard it is for creatives to adapt to the business realities of running a creative practice. Not only does art school lack business training, but there's something about the artistic mindset that makes it hard to put down the brushes to balance the books, or quit out of Photoshop to start prospecting on Linkedin. But there are critical business disciplines that creatives can't afford to ignore. I can guide you down the path to a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable creative practice.

BizCraft for Creatives

BizCraft for Creatives is an email newsletter about professional practices for creative entrepreneurs. Organized around the five topics of Money, Minutes, Marketing, Management, and Motivation they will help and inspire you to press on in the effort to build a sustainable and enjoyable creative practice.

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Blazing the Freelance Trail

The essential trial guide for the path of creative entrepreneurship. Freelancing as a designer, artist, writer, or any other creative business is just that, a business. Don't get lost in the woods. Take this trail map with you as you navigate your freelance journey.

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